Ziptrak® Track Guided Blind System

Ziptrak® track guided blinds and awnings are a channel guided system that allows your outdoor blind to glide freely and smoothly and stop at any desired height. Perfect solution for creating shade and privacy for your alfresco, veranda, patio or pool area.

Each blind is customised to your individual needs – measured to order and manufactured in Australia.

It’s easy to match or compliment your existing structure and décor.
Speak to us today about designing the perfect system for your outdoor space.

Light weight and easy to Operate

Ziptrak® track guided blind system saves you all the heavy lifting associated with a traditional outdoor blinds. Ziptrak® blinds are exceptionally light weight, for ease of operation, thanks to a patented spring balance system. This spring system allows for simple and easy operation, which allows the blind to glide up or down, without the need for hand cranks.

Locks into place

Ziptrak® track guided blinds have specially designed locking mechanisms which allows the blinds to be locked into place when fully down, keeping the blind in place, even in windy conditions.

Reduce your energy bills

The Ziptrak® retractable shade system is a brilliant shade solution as you can protect your outdoor area from the heat and sun in summer, but allow the heat to radiate inside during winter. External shading can block up to 90% of heat from entering a building reducing the need of air-conditioning by as much at 75%. Lower your environmental impact and save you money.

Won’t rattle in the wind

Ziptrak® track guided blind system won’t rattle in the wind thanks to the unique design of the track which keeps the blind perfectly secure and quiet. They won’t rattle, even in strong winds.

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